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Red Lion

Not long after the first lockdown ended in June last year, we were invited to talk to the owners of a pretty cottage in Cropredy. Despite the fact that our phones were ringing off the hook with eager buyers, viewers had been conspicuous by their absence on Mr and Mrs A’s home, and they wanted to know why. It had been on the market for 6 months at this point and it was starting to look like a great purchase.

But no-one wanted to buy it.

They’d had viewings, but few and far between, dwindling to less than once a month by the time they called us.

We gave them our best advice on presentation and marketing strategy.

Weeks turned into months, and still no sale.

Finally, frustrated and despondent, they were considering a considerable drop in asking price.

Luckily for them, they called us first.

Straight away, we suggested an action plan that we knew would get them the sale they had been waiting for, for 6 months:

  • We felt the property would appeal to an out-of-town buyer, looking for cottage charm and country lifestyle – so we made calls to buyers waiting for exactly this to come to the market.
  • The property had quirky features – there was no denying this. Instead of shying away from these, we embraced and highlighted them in our photos and description.
  • We ensured every potential buyer was briefed on the property and the area before viewing so that excitement and anticipation grew.
  • By knowing exactly who would buy this house, we secured an offer from a London buyer looking for the village lifestyle. Just as we predicted.

Our clients got the move they had been longing for and the new buyers we’re excited to begin their new life in the country.