Moving home is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life events that you can go through.

Our 7 top tips can really minimise some of that stress:

  1. If you need a mortgage, then speak to an independent mortgage adviser like our team at Vantage Mortgages.

    They can check that you are getting the very best deal possible to suit your individual circumstances, and help to reassure your estate agent that you’re able to secure the mortgage you need.

  2. Search for a solicitor now.

    Take recommendations and find one you’re happy with, and get them to provide you with a quotation. This is one less job to be done once your offer is accepted.

  3. Do you know where your passport is?

    Dig it out so that it's ready when it needs to be shown as proof of ID.
    You will also need to demonstrate your ability to complete on your purchase, so this will include evidence of your deposit (unless it’s from the sale of your current home), along with confirmation from a mortgage broker that you are able to secure any funding that you may need.

  4. Once your offer has been accepted on your new home, don’t sit back and wait for things to happen.

    Make sure you know which person is responsible for the sales progression at the agency you are buying through.
    Make contact with them, be friendly and helpful – this person might become your best friend by the time you collect the keys!
    Make sure you keep in regular contact with your solicitor too.

    If they understand how motivated you are to move, they can chase your case through, and really limit opportunities of thoughts about not moving in the chain!

  5. Get quotes from removal companies early as dates get booked up.

    Usually, removal companies will want a date “penciled in”, which can be confirmed or rearranged later down the line.

    When you meet with them, do consider how comfortable you are in their presence, and don’t just base your decision on the lowest quote.
    Removal companies can really help to keep stress at bay on the big moving day.

  6. It is never too early to start decluttering – you will thank yourself later.

    If your home needs a substantial sort out, rally round friends to help, or do a room or area per week. Have ‘keep, sell, donate and recycle’ boxes to ensure you don’t just move piles of things from place to place!

    If you want to invest in some expert help for organising and decluttering, we can’t recommend Jo at My Time is Yours enough. Her expertise will enable you to not only organise your current home ready to move, but she will also equip you with the skills and confidence to organise your new home with practicality and style.

  7. Contact your internet provider and let them know that you’re moving.

    Being without internet for weeks when you move in, is something we have seen happen time and time again, and we know the stress it can involve.

These are just some of our tips for moving from our years of experience.

If you would like a more in-depth chat about your move, please do get in touch.

We’re happy to make recommendations and answer your questions.