Your home is special and your marketing should be too.

We have crafted a strategy that is designed to showcase your home in the best light to all potential buyers

This includes…


The photographs of your home will probably be the very first thing that captures a potential buyer’s interest and makes them want to see it in the flesh. In our many years of experience of bringing a property to the market, we know that your home needs to be seen in the very best possible light and we know exactly how to style and photograph a home to attract lots of attention.

In some cases, because all homes are unique, we use a trusted professional photographer who specialises in property to make sure that all the photos of your home really bring it to life and make it an aspirational place to live. Just take a look at any of the photos on our website (none of these are “stock” images) – we think they speak for themselves!

Home Styling

It’s important to showcase your home in such a way as to make potential buyers visualise themselves living their lives in it. It’s only natural when you have lived in a property, especially if it’s been a long time, that you stop seeing it through fresh eyes. This is why part of our marketing strategy will involve making a few subtle adjustments where necessary; a fresh vase of flowers here, some scented candles there, fluffy towels in the bathroom, matching lamps, plain bedding etc can really make all the difference in the photographs.

In some cases, when we are working with a certain type of property we also work with our interior stylist, Jo who has years of experience styling a vast range of homes. She works alongside us and our photographer to set the perfect scene, this might involve moving some things around for you but don’t worry, it will all get put back in the right place!

Virtual Staging

Are you selling a vacant home? Or are some of the rooms empty? Or perhaps you have furniture that has seen better days that you cannot remove easily? People who are not used to working in property, surprisingly can find it difficult to visualise how it would look if it was lived in or furnished differently and this can be off-putting. Buyers might be left wondering how they would live in the space or even what furniture could fit.

With the help of specialist technology, we use our professional photographs and then computer generated images with elegant furnishings, light fittings, even plants and accessories to create a lived-in, homely property.

This is not about fooling a potential buyer into buying something that in reality doesn’t exist, that would go against our principles. It is purely to demonstrate the full potential of your home and the lifestyle a home could offer.

Social Media

Our use of social media is not an afterthought in what we do. We understand the power it can have to reach a large number of people and use it to our full advantage.

Digital marketing is a skill and art form in its own right which is why we invest our time and money into developing our knowledge of it and keeping up to date with the latest techniques.

Your home for example, may well suit a buyer moving out of London. We know how to get your property in front of a specific audience in a certain location, that may not have even consciously considered a move, until your home appeared!

Being an independent agent with our own in-house marketing manager means we have the time to dedicate to your property and its marketing reach (this doesn’t mean simply posting about your house on our own Facebook page!)


The “for sale” board is traditionally a bit of an acquired taste for some sellers. They don’t want all their neighbours to know what they are doing.

But actually, the board works a bit like a social media campaign, to target buyers who didn’t know they were buyers until they saw it. We all do it, walk the same route in the mornings, drive past the same places each day thinking “I could see myself living somewhere like that” but not seriously scanning Rightmove each day. But then one day you see the board up and it prompts you to take action.

It isn’t always possible or sensible to have one but when it is, our boards are understated but attract attention from passers by and inspire them to go home and look you up online.

From Offer to Completion

This can arguably be the most important part of our job and sometimes be the difference between moving or not moving.

It is vital that all parties in the chain communicate with each other to avoid any breakdowns. This is often where it takes a pro-active agent in the middle to keep the lines of communication open and assist the solicitors to chase up documents and responses.

Our very own in-house sales progressor will often end up being your best asset in the whole moving process.