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Let us tell you about the success of Mrs. H’s house sale. But it doesn’t start the way you might think…

Mrs. H made a big decision to sell her family home and move to the coast. It was a huge deal and a brand-new fresh start. She contacted an agent who valued her home, got it online, and agreed on a sale but that’s where the action unfortunately stopped.

After the offer was agreed contact between the agent, Mrs. H and the buyers rapidly declined. It was starting to feel like something wasn’t right but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was and she was concerned she had made the wrong decision. She picked up the phone for us and talked us through what was worrying her. We listened and very quickly learned where things were the sale had broken down. We agreed on a new start with a fresh set of buyers and within a few days, it was resold. There were some bumps in the road up until the day of completion - as there very often are. But we kept our promise of providing continued support and all lines of communication open until the day Mrs. H had the keys in her hand to her new home.

We think she puts it pretty well herself:

“Not all agents are the same! Following a stressful experience constantly chasing my previous agent, I swapped to Maxwells Estate Agents, and I am so grateful I did. From start to finish my sale was handled professionally, and the whole team are informed and on the ball. A special mention to David whose knowledgeable, straightforward approach kept things moving even through the more challenging parts.” - Mrs. H

And that’s not the end… we’ve just sold her mother’s house.